Most powerfull guilds

Currently no one is most powerfull guild.

eXile @ 2016-08-26, 1:40
Max reborn level reached!
Congratulations Valentine and Konter.
First reborn on server.

Enjoy. :)

Azuu & eXile @ 2016-08-23, 15:00
Server started.
Invite friends and enjoy. See you in game. :)

Azuu @ 2016-08-23, 14:16
We sorry.
Dear players,
I apologize for the situation that occurred. Morning found our server to crash and lost files server.
But we do not give up and we start again. We were able to restore all of the recently captured backup.
You can already assume characters and accounts, we will soon finish the work of restoration and will be able to play.

As a compensation event and updated (more info soon).
Regards, DBHP Team!

Azuu & eXile @ 2016-08-22, 17:00
Server has just started!

Server started.
Exp is optimal to game. Killing player giving exp.
General fixes and addons.
Download: >> here<<

On start day we will make event.
If you have any suggestions please PW ingame (subpage Staff).
Good luck!